Am I Pretty? Yes, Babe. Pretty Awesome!

I read another parenting blog recently. It’s smart and interesting and earnest. Mom-blogger’s post (we’ll call her Mom-blogger to protect the innocent) was about her 8-year old daughter asking one afternoon, “Mom? Am I pretty?” Am I pretty? Am. I. Pretty.  Insert hearty sigh here. How do you answer such a loaded question? On the … Continue reading

Why Love is a Sickness

Another day. Another day as a woman. Another day as a mother. Another Mother’s Day. When I started blogging about my life as a woman in the deep, dark throws of parenthood, my first post about this Hallmark holiday was–dare I say–kinda dark (I was just entering into my angry phase, again—read all about it). … Continue reading

Love is The Answer

You know how, when you expect something to happen, you gird your loins, and mentally and emotionally prepare for it? Like, you’ve applied for a job and gone for the interview. You figure it went pretty well: you were delightful, engaging, gave bright, erudite slightly self-deprecating answers, and looked like you knew how to balance … Continue reading

Barbies and Boogers

I’m up to my boobs in Barbie’s and boogers. I thought I’d gotten through the worst, most exhausting part of parenting (and if such a magical place existed it would be populated with rainbow unicorns and tinklingly sweet apple juice rivers) but, alas, I hoped in vain. No such luck. I am mired in demanding, … Continue reading

What You Get is What You Get

“What you get is what you get. What you do with what you get is what’s important.” I just heard this statement as I stood at the stove making my umpteenth box of macaroni, for the umpteenth time, in my umpteenth year as a parent. I don’t know why now, why today, or why this … Continue reading

The Good Parent

Do you ever wonder if your parents did a good job? Parenting, I mean. Now that you’re an adult, a parent yourself, do you ever look back, at your childhood as a whole, not just pieces or incidents, but transposing yourself as an educated observer, and examine how you were raised and how (if you … Continue reading

Zippidy Do Daw, Zippidy Day

My oh my, what a wonderful day. My house is a mess, my hair is a rat’s nest, my children are scruffy, my husband is nerdy, my teenager is sleeping, still, and my legs are shockingly hairy. But, today, I’m happy. I dunno why. It’s one of those singularly strange occurrences of life–chaos reigns down, … Continue reading

The Morning After

It’s the morning after and the hangovers are palpable. Twitchy, tired and headachey, mung-mouthy kids wandering around in a daze, snapping at me while not-so-subtlety squirrelling away their next fix. It’s November 1st. The morning after the night before and my house, always untidy (see previous post) is liberally sprinkled in candy wrappers, chip bags, … Continue reading