Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Peter Mackay

Sooooooooooo, I’ve been reading again. Which is bad news for my hapless and hungry family (they’re still waiting for dinner), the blogosphere, and the general vicinity of the local laundry facilities (meaning my basement), with the lingering and ever-present scent of mildewing bath towels on the laundry room floor (as there they will remain, to mold … Continue reading

Am I Pretty? Yes, Babe. Pretty Awesome!

I read another parenting blog recently. It’s smart and interesting and earnest. Mom-blogger’s post (we’ll call her Mom-blogger to protect the innocent) was about her 8-year old daughter asking one afternoon, “Mom? Am I pretty?” Am I pretty? Am. I. Pretty.  Insert hearty sigh here. How do you answer such a loaded question? On the … Continue reading

Why Love is a Sickness

Another day. Another day as a woman. Another day as a mother. Another Mother’s Day. When I started blogging about my life as a woman in the deep, dark throws of parenthood, my first post about this Hallmark holiday was–dare I say–kinda dark (I was just entering into my angry phase, again—read all about it). … Continue reading

And She Snaps (and Snips)

When did I become a joke? I mean, I’m just askin’. did I become the source of family entertainment? This mixed-blended-multi-surnamed-upside-down family’s skull-juggling Yorick? I just, and here I mean just–like, 10 minutes ago–entirely snapped (a full-fledged eye-bulging throat-vein-pumping melt down) at my entire family, including my 21-year old brother-in-law, and ever one, EVERYONE, laughed. … Continue reading

Love is The Answer

You know how, when you expect something to happen, you gird your loins, and mentally and emotionally prepare for it? Like, you’ve applied for a job and gone for the interview. You figure it went pretty well: you were delightful, engaging, gave bright, erudite slightly self-deprecating answers, and looked like you knew how to balance … Continue reading

The Great Toothless One

Thursday. March 31st. 1:47 P.M. Spring Break 2011. My fabulous, glorious, smart, sweet, gigantic-toothed 9-year old son smacked his face on a water slide and knocked out his front tooth. His permanent front tooth. Poor little poop-shitz. I cried (when he went to bed). His dad cried, his two older sisters cried, his Grannie cried, … Continue reading