Who’s Turn is it to Bathe Mom?

For a living breathing person with so many progeny¬†it sometimes startles me how little I reflect on being a human person with so many progeny. So I am taking this moment of procrastination, from the several other things I should absolutely be doing, to cast my eyes childward. Here is what I see: I have … Continue reading

My love…

I have only one thing in my heart and on my mind. It’a simply the most beautiful thing any one, any where could ever possibly imagine. It’s life: and the life I’m celebrating is a new one. My grandson. Isaac. The most perfect, most precious thing anywhere.


Okay……..Sheesh…….It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I almost forget how. Almost. But as Oscar Wilde (or maybe it was General McArthur, no wait, I think it was Rocky Balboa…..oh, forget it!) once said, “You can’t keep a good man down.” Of course, none of them were the mother of 5, with a full … Continue reading

Make Me Your Poster Girl

Parenthood: The overwhelming conundrum of finding oneself joyfully loving nose-picking-bum-scratchers who whine, refuse to listen, insist on blaming you for everything, and ceaselessly tell poop jokes. What a mad combination of emotions is parenthood. I very often stand on the brink of throwing myself on to a reasonably sharp object from a moderately high place … Continue reading

I Quit…Again?

Here’s a post I wrote more that 3 years ago. It, all by itself, decided to jump the queue and head to the front of the line, so I’m giving it it’s day in the spotlight. Again. Enjoy. March 17th, 2011¬† Dear Sirs/Madams, While I fully appreciate the great distinctions you have bestowed upon me … Continue reading

These Aren’t Wrinkles….

I love the banister in my house. The dark stain overlaying the slick smooth patina. 40 years of hands and bums that have slid over and down, over and over, smoothing the chunks and slivers of wood into sweet little dimples. Each lump, bump and divet telling the story of yearsThese aren’t wrinkles, it’s the … Continue reading

What to Say. What to Say.

I was asked to speak at my son’s wedding. He asked about 3 weeks before the event. So I laid in bed, night after night, and wrote script after script in my head of what I’d say, how I’d say it, how everyone would laugh and cry, how fabulous I was, and how great I’d … Continue reading

Today’s Grade: F-

Ahhhhh. Today: another stunningly spectacularly beautiful day in Naramata (our favourite family vacation spot). The weather is perfect, the fine, white sand squishes through our toes as we run down the beach to get ice cream, the bottle of Pinot Gris that we bought right from the vintner is tart and bright.The kids splash and … Continue reading

It’s Good

I think, most times, as a parent we’re so mired in the chaos and clutter of everyday we don’t see the forest for the trees, the house for the stucco, the head for the hair, the cake for the icing, the cow for the milk, or even the thought for the metaphor (I hope I’m … Continue reading


It’s harvest time here in Canada: farmers are working their land and filling their elevators, geese are fattening up for the long trip south, sweaters are being pulled from the top of cupboards, and turkeys are quaking and lamenting their no-fly status. This Monday is every Canadians Government-given right to give thanks. Today, I feel … Continue reading