The Good Parent

Do you ever wonder if your parents did a good job? Parenting, I mean. Now that you’re an adult, a parent yourself, do you ever look back, at your childhood as a whole, not just pieces or incidents, but transposing yourself as an educated observer, and examine how you were raised and how (if you … Continue reading

Blogging, Narcissism, and my Grandma

God I love blogging. I love looking back at snapshots of my life and my relationship with myself and my kids. Is that narcissistic? Yeah, actually. I think it might be. Just a little. But perhaps not more so than journaling (except perhaps that journaling is a private, meditative act and blogging is a public, … Continue reading

I Got a What?!

I have 3 daughters. All amazing, and exhausting, in their own ways.   Emma’s 20: tall, lanky, intense, funny, deeply intelligent, elegant, somewhat-nerdy, burbling with talent, and gratefully, away at university (I love her so much….when she’s at school….and I send up a little prayer of thanks daily when she’s away, “God? Thank you for creating … Continue reading